Display platform features

CloudFit's flexible platform lets you display your workouts and more on-screen

Multi-screen display

Power up to 15 displays at once with ultimate flexibility. Support large class sizes and unique gym layouts. You can fully customize which exercises to display where, so no matter if they're in the front, back or a hidden-corner of the gym your participants will always know what to do.

Display & Brand customisation

Configure your displays with your brand colours, logo, backgrounds and also unlock the full power of our digital whiteboard module. You can display any text or image on your screens with or without timers. Use it to display announcements or workout tips, the only thing restricting you is your imagination.

Exercise Library

An expansive library containing thousands of exercise movements. You choose which exercises to include in your workouts and even have the ability to display labels on-screen to complement the video. Includes boxing to olympic lifting movements and everything in-between.

Exercise video upload

For the ultimate branded experience, create and upload your own exercise videos. Use this feature to support complex combinations, regressions, progressions and unique movements.

Workout management screens

Workout Management

There's never been an easier or convenient way to create and manage your workouts. No more whiteboards or scraps of paper needed to jot down your workouts. Create a workout in minutes directly on your phone and organize them with the included tag categorisation feature. Your workouts are stored securely in the cloud for you to access and run on demand.

Workout builder screens

Workout Builder

The platform has a number of features that will make it easy to model your workout on a screen, no matter how complex. Our proprietary module system let's you mix-and-match segments of your class anyway you wish. Need a countdown timer, not a problem. 2 rounds of 12 exercises, 3 sets each with 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest and a 2 min drink break between rounds? You'll have it configured in minutes on CloudFit.

Workout schedules screens

Workout Scheduler

Ensure your classes start on-time, everytime. Match your studio's timetable by using the Workout Scheduler to automatically play your workouts at the start of each class.

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