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July 15, 2021

CloudFit started as just an idea back in late 2018 with a simple goal in mind: utilize modern technology to help gyms, studios and trainers run more effective and efficient group fitness classes.

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The intention was not to replace the way a studio runs their workouts, but instead to integrate with the way a studio runs their workouts -- providing a superior experience for both the coaches / trainers and clients.

Fast forward to January 2020, we launched our first version of the product to the market and the reception has exceeded our wildest expectations. We have a wide array of gyms, studios and fitness businesses using our platform across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and even Qatar. Adding value to a variety of fitness businesses ranging from HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Bootcamps, LIT Circuits and group sessions from all types and styles of fitness. Our users continually tell us what an integral part of their business CloudFit has become:


“Absolutely love it! Whiteboards are gone. This is the future, every gym will have this!”

Alex (PHIIT House Studio)


“Super convenient! Really easy to use, I can program my workouts while I'm out at dinner if I need to.”

Ryan (Summit 360)


“It’s unreal!, Makes running my business 100X easier and looks super professional.”

Taite (Sweaty AF)

The CloudFit platform has continued to add features to allow our users to build more customized and tailored types of workouts as well as configure CloudFit specifically for their unique brand. For example:

  • User video uploads allow businesses to film and upload their own exercise video straight from their smartphone and display them in their workouts within minutes (on top of our existing built-in video library of 2000+ exercises).
  • A powerful yet simple dynamic workout builder allowing you to build everything from a traditional circuit style workout to AMRAP, YGIG, WOD’s and more -- the possibilities are endless.
  • Flow mode allows an entire group to follow along with a single exercise all at the same time with set timers displayed allowing for a professional and precise delivery of your workouts.
  • Branding features allowing custom logo, custom video and custom backgrounds all give the business owner the ability to brand accordingly and stay ahead of the local competition.
  • A digital whiteboard allows business notices, messages and marketing in a slick and professional way for clients to stay engaged with the business.
  • And of course the ability to mix and match building the exact style of workouts specifically designed to suit your business, your brand, your way!

Given this, we thought it was the perfect time to start the official CloudFit blog -- welcome!

This blog is designed for fitness business owners, operators, coaches and personal trainers. Through our blog posts, we will take a look into the different areas of running a fitness business, including tips and advice on what works in the space. We will also include insight from our tech team, trainers and business partners covering tips and best practices on how best to utilize the CloudFit platform to enhance and grow your business and build and run amazing workouts that will have your customers wanting more.

At CloudFit we focus on building partnerships with the fitness businesses that adopt our technology -- our goal is for YOU to be successful otherwise we’re not doing our job properly. Our team is standing by to help you use CloudFit to its fullest potential and we are always open to feedback on how to improve further.


✌️🤩 CloudFit Team

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