Unleash the Power of HYROX at Your Gym using CloudFit's Digital Workout Display Platform


June 18, 2024

Ready to ride the HYROX wave? With CloudFit's innovative digital display platform, you can easily integrate Hyrox-inspired training into your gym's programming and tap into this global phenomenon.

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HYROX, the global fitness competition known as "The World Series of Fitness Racing" is driving everyday fitness enthusiasts to ramp up their training and step into a new kind of fitness challenge.

With HYROX fever gripping the fitness world, we’re seeing many CloudFit gyms jumping onboard the action and adding Hyrox-style workouts into their weekly programs.

CloudFit's strength lies in its flexibility! Design custom Hyrox-style workouts with ease. Our extensive exercise library provides a strong foundation, and you can even add your own unique exercises with CloudFit's exercise video recording feature.

Who's Already Involved?

HYROX is attracting major fitness brands like F45 Training and Body Fit Training (BFT), encouraging their members to step outside their comfort zones. Additionally, CloudFit partnered gyms such as Sweaty AF, Phiit House, Thrive, AirLab, and R10T are incorporating dedicated HYROX workouts into their training schedules.

Check out some of our partnered gyms on Instagram for some additional inspo.

Benefits for Your Business.

Incorporating HYROX training into your business isn't going to just benefit the individual athletes; your business will benefit too. Here’s why..

  • Build specific Hyrox-style workouts for your members: With CloudFit's flexibility, you can design targeted workouts that mimic the challenges of the HYROX competition, helping members prepare for the event.
  • Increase member engagement and attendance: Offering HYROX training can add variety and excitement to your gym's routine, boosting member attendance and engagement.
  • Build a stronger fitness community: Training for HYROX together fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your members.
  • Set goals and achieve results: By incorporating Hyrox-inspired workouts, gyms can help members set challenging fitness goals and achieve better results.
  • Differentiate Your Gym: Stand out from the competition with cutting-edge programming.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit the HYROX website to find an event near you, round up a crew and add some new training sessions into the program for the team.

Up Next

Stay tuned for more HYROX updates from the CloudFit team. We’ll be looking to make it even easier for your business to get involved in HYROX.

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