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September 4, 2021

Everyone has a camera phone these days and pulling it out to take photos for your business is easier than ever right now, but getting high quality images for your business isn't always that easy!

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Some of us are better than others at it. But if you're like most gym owners, trainers or managers, we’re great at all the gym stuff but not so much with the photography side of things.

But no need to worry.

There are two great sites available online that have royalty free, high quality images that you can use for your business. (Pexels / Unsplash)

Pexels and Unsplash - free stock imagery

Both sites have thousands of free stock images available for you to use for your fitness businesses online presence. So if you’re not the greatest with a camera then head over to these sites and find the high quality images that you like most.

When configuring CloudFit for your fitness business, we recommend using high quality images from sites like these to really give your digital displays a professional look. Alternatively we’ve seen businesses invest in a photographer to come on site and take great photos that are more suited to your fitness brand.

CloudFit’s Digital Whiteboard and CloudFit’s Custom Background Image upload feature allows you to upload custom images that can be displayed in your fitness business. Businesses use this feature for business notifications, branding, marketing, promotions, digital whiteboard workouts and so much more.

CloudFit - Changing your background image

That's how you get free high quality images for your business. Let us know how you go, if in doubt get in touch with your account rep! To test out the CloudFit video upload feature, install the CloudFit app [Apple App Store \ Google Play] and get started for free today.

✌️🤩 CloudFit Team

CloudFit Feature - Display and Brand Customisation CloudFit’s Display and Brand Customisation features are a great way to really transform the technology to give it the look and feel of your business. For more info on features click here

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